So you wanna work in fashion, huh?

Earlier today I had an interview at a fashion retailer here in England. However, it was pouring with rain, and I had to walk to get summer sandals and cute dress for me! Here's what I wore (shoes you can't see, but they were grey studded ankle boots to keep the rain off my feet!).
When you're going for interview at a fashion retailer, you don't want to wear the standard black and fact, they look for personality and style! I opted for what I call a 'casual suit' ha! I wore a floral top to bring a summery feel to the outfit despite the lacking weather! with a grey bodycon skirt and grey boyfriend cardigan. Black tights and grey ankle boots protected me from the rain, and a turquoise statement bangle provided a colour pop. Feather earrings gave a boho, festival feel, and I kept my make up neutral.
  • Top - New Look
  • Skirt- New Look
  • Cardigan - Zara
  • Earrings - Topshop
  • Bangle - Primark
  • Ring - little market in South Africa
  • Make up - Following tutorial:
So my advice is to be yourself! Try and play with one key trend in your outfit to show them you know what you're doing, but most importantly wear what makes you feel well-dressed and polished.

Mega Love xx


  1. I have a standard "casual suit" outfit for my interviews too :) big flowy peach blouse, high waisted trousers, fitted blazer and a very high pair of heels!

  2. Love your ring and bracelet!


  3. Hi dear, thank you for your lovely comment!
    The nailpolish is from Essence, but from a couple of years ago (I forgot I had it!)



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