"Come on rip her to shreds"

YEAHHHH she's so dull, come on, rip her to shreds! Oh how I do love a bit of Blondie :D! Today I pulled out one of my favourite denim skirts, that I made myself from a pair of jeans that were getting a bit scabby. I love recycling old fabric, whether from clothing items or not, and coming up with something unique and perfectly fitted just for you! To make a skirt from an old pair of jeans, put the jeans on and mark with a pen where you want to cut (leave an extra inch if you're hemming, or 2-3 inches if you're going to be fraying the edges like I did on this skirt). REMEMBER: You can always cut more off if you want, but you can't go back in time if you later decide you wanted it a bit longer!! Save the cut-off denim and use a bit to insert a panel between the legs, like in the picture below:

Now you've got a great new skirt, that you can customise by sewing on patches, distressing with bleach, or fraying. I paired mine with a basic grey tank top and some nude sandals.

Tank top - Next (their basics are great!!)
Sandals - New Look

I was inspired by the warm weather to go for an orange eye look:
For those interested, I used Indianwood Paint Pot (MAC) across the lid and in the crease, Melon Pigment (MAC) patted onto the lid, and Rule eyeshadow (MAC) blended into the crease. Just follow with a bit of black liner a long the top lashes (very important I find when using bright shadows, so as not to lose your lashes amongst the makeup!) and of course lots of mascara.

I think many people are afraid of orange on the eyes, when in fact it makes green and blue eyes pop! It is easier if you've got a warmer skin tone, and looks PHENOMENAL on tan and darker skin, but just play around and see how you can make it work for you. If you've quite pale, or have a very cool skin tone, have a neutral lid, and just a colour pop of orange on the lower lash line, perhaps? Let me know if you like wearing orange too!

Mega Love xx


  1. You have green eyes!!! It's so amazing! Love people with green eyes!


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