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So you discover you have to dress in rather professional or business attire, whether for a meeting, interview, conference or other important event. WHAT DO YOU WEAR?! It depends on the climate/ weather, and what you feel comfortable in. A blazer is always a great option; my two favourite places on the high street to grab hold of a well-made one for a great price are Zara and H&M. They often have a really good selection of colours too. That brings me on to the second thing: colour. Don't feel like black and white are your only options! Many of us don't actually look that great in black and white..it can be very harsh and draining. You want to choose a colour that makes me you look and feel awake and healthy! If you still want to stay within the neutral zone, navy or grey are great alternatives. But there is nothing wrong with a red or plum blazer to mix things up.

Underneath the blazer, wear a suitable top. If it is pretty hot and you are likely to be taking your blazer off, don't have something too revealing. Underneath my blazer I have a sleeveless black tight-fitting top; this prevents bumps and bulges from appearing underneath the blazer, and is still suitable to be shown as the weather is pretty hot and sunny here today.

On the bottom half you can opt for trousers if it is cooler and they are well-fitted, but I much prefer skirts; with tights in winter, without in summer. This is the same grey bodycon skirt I wore for my fashion interview, and it looks great with the grey blazer. Pencil skirts are also fab, but I opted for this today.

Heels are always a safe choice, AS LONG AS YOU CAN WALK IN THEM! There is nothing worse than seeing a woman in a beautifully composed outfit, but as soon as she takes on step you can see she looks like a fish out of water with those heels on. If you know you can't walk in them, opt for some cute flats! There is no pressure to wear heels, but go ahead and do so if you want!

Blazer - H&M
Black top - Next Basics
Skirt - New Look
Shoes - Marks & Spencer Autograph

As for the hair and makeup - keep is simple. I opted for a neutral eye, and a messy bun.

Hope this helps!

Mega Love xx


  1. thank u for your advices! i love ur look and make up x


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    Love your post.)

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    "What are your favorite clothing firms?"

  3. Wow, you look like a business woman! Love your make up!

    Thank you for your lovely comment, dear!



  4. it helps me, really inspiring!
    but how can I get the hair look like yours?
    so fabulous!

    mind to visit and follow?

  5. So pretty, this outfit is flawless, you look serious business ready, love the hair!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  6. You look incredible! What a killer outfit! I have an interview on thursday and am definately taking note of your hairstyle. it looks stylish but not like your going over the top.

    Rianna xxxx


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