Urban Jungle

I live in the city, and I whilst I do love it, my heart lies in the desert. This was my way of bringing a little bit of the desert to my city vanity.

Working in a lab, we had some plastic bottles that were surplus to requirements, so I instantly thought YES - tiny flower pots in the making! You can do this out of any old milk or juice bottle! All you'll need is the following:

1. Bottles/Cartons for cutting
2. A sharp Stanley knife
3. Some soil/compost
4. Plants of your choice
5. Tray to keep things tidy (if these will be inside)

Get creative! I'd love to see your photos of your urban jungle! Together we can create more inner city green space. Share this with your friends and family!

All My Love!

Less Is More

Having struggled with pretty awful breakouts on one side of my chin for about 6 monthly from September-February, I was almost ready to give up. Almost. I couldn't understand why the majority of my face was looking radiant, but my jawline and one half of my chin was constantly plastered in spots. I assumed it was something odd happening with one of my ovaries, so I saw a doctor, changed pills, changed my diet, and took up more exercise. The clear parts of my face only continued to get clearer and more radiant, but the breakouts in that pesky little spot just kept on coming. It affected my self-confidence and mood big time. And then it clicked.

I spent a few days at home, sick from work, wearing no make-up. I looked a bit tired, but at the end of those few days I realised that I hadn't had any new spots pop up. Overall that poor broken-out area was looking much clearer. It was at that point I decided to go back to basics. I got rid of the foundation and concealer and re-introduced two products that had fallen by the wayside since the summer.
The Mádara is for days I don't want an SPF. It is matte, golden and beautiful. The VitaZing is for days I want an SPF and something more moisturising - this one is a skincare product first and foremost. If I want concealing on a couple of blemishes, I'll use a concealer just in those areas.

The result is clear, happy skin. I'm just kicking myself that I didn't realise the trigger soon. Back to basics, Kat...back to basics... If you are having the same problem, I could recommend either of the above products. Or even if you decide to go with something else, it is more the advice to take a step back from what you are putting on your face. All the vegetables in the world can't make up for skin which is suffocating.