Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir

Ahhh yes, the infamous fragrance. Purchased and adored by many, this heady scent comes in the form of a Cologne, Hand & Body Wash and Lotion, Bath Oil, Candle and more. Jo Malone doesn't do this for just any fragrance now, but one worshipped around the world as much as this simply deserves all the bells and whistles...

To me, Pomegranate Noir is a sexy woman in a red dress, with hair pinned to the side in the 1930's. She's in her prime, fresh off the stage and heading into her dressing room to powder her face and freshen up before meeting her lover in a quiet cocktail bar down the road which plays jazz into the early hours.

Of course the heady scent would evoke different images to different people, but it is my go to scent for this time of year and nights out on the town. Go take your senses to another world by having a whiff of this at a counter near you.

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