Happiness is a way of life, not a destination.

As you can tell from my usual posts, I LOVE fashion and beauty, and that is mainly what I talk about on my blog. But I think what I can really contribute to cyber space is my sense of optimism and enthusiasm of life. Now, I know that sounds sooooo disgustingly joyous to many so-called 'realists' (pessimists), but I really don't care!!

Everyone has had their hard times, or for some they have yet to arrive. Times of being totally broke and wondering how the hell you're going to pay the rent, horrendous break-ups that leave you detesting relationships, being cheated on, stabbed in the back, let down, and disappointed. You may have been victimised, bullied, abused, treated unfairly, put down and left to feel like your dreams don't matter, and there's no way YOU could do THAT fantastic thing. It is the hardest thing to pick yourself up, tell all those nasty people to go screw themselves, and get back your self-worth. It may mean having to stand up to your family, a best friend, or partner, but it doesn't matter who it is, if that person is negative and wont change their ways after you've spoken to them about it a good few times, CUT. THEM. OUT. Of course if we're talking about a family member, then just make a conscious effort to spend as little time around them or have them involved in your life as little as possible.

Surrounding yourself with negative energy is going to drag you down. Maybe not at first if you're a strong person, but over time you will find your moods shifting, goals lagging, and mindset dipping down. DON'T DO THIS TO YOURSELF!

No matter what situation you are in, there is always, I repeat, ALWAYS a way out of it. If you're broke, get a job (which, by the way, is possible. Anyone who is desperate enough and tries hard enough will find one. No, it may not be a great job, but just stop moaning and do it - it is not for forever!) or sell your junk on ebay. If you're constantly fighting with your boyfriend/girlfriend and overall are not happy with them, end it. It may be the hardest thing you ever have to do, but you deserve to be in a relationship where you are HAPPY and are ENCOURAGED to be the best version of you you can be, and most importantly, feel SUPPORTED.

Now onto a toughie: health-related bad things. Let's say something happens to someone you love; maybe they are diagnosed with a terminal illness or have an accident; something that no amount of money can fix. Things like this are unbelievably soul-destroying. You will cry and cry, and feel lost, and helpless, and angry. But if time is limited with this person, spend it doing wonderful things, and know that this person you love will not be suffering for forever. If you're religious, know that God has a plan for this beautiful soul, and in the grand scheme of things, life is oh so temporary. And as for you, the person that gets 'left behind', if unfortunately someone you love passes away, know that this will make you so strong, and so appreciative of life, and aware of how precious every day is. Know that this person watches over you and will protect you as you continue on the great journey that is life!

Moral of the story is, you can always bounce back. ALWAYS.

Just as a rose may have a year of terrible weather and be ripped apart, new buds will return the next year!! Life goes on! And just thinking positively will help you get through the tough times that much more easily! Believe me, it's true! Hard work pays off, so quit moaning and moping, and get out there and prove to the world just how much you've got to give, and just how capable you are of doing amazing things! I am cheering you all on =D. Go get em'.

LIFE IS AMAZING!! Mega Love xx

Fueled by colour.

So you will have probably noticed by now that I am all for submerging yourself in as much colour as possible through your outfit choices! I have always been that way..choosing the oranges and turquoises over beige and more beige. Below is a picture of one of my clothing racks, in particular one displaying my scarves: layer upon layer of bright patterns!

Don't get me wrong, there are some definite neutral staples in my wardrobe, but if I can wear colour, then I will! It just fits my super happy and excited personality more =D! In a pretty grey country like England, the colour does wonders for my mood, making me feel like I'm off in the tropics..if only for a little while :)! Today I'm going colour-blocking, with a turquoise eye.

Top - New Look
Skirt - New Look
Shoes - uhhhhh :)
Bottom lashline - No7 Metallic Eyes Pencil in 01 Green with MAC Surf USA Eyeshadow over the top

Mega Love xx

DIY = Do It Yay!

Here's an adorable little dress that my mama and I constructed last month out of some awesome fabric that she found. It's a flamingo/coral pink base, with indigo, black and taupe print. It sounds so gross, I realise, when I describe it..but it is sooo unique and gorgeous! I paired it with a chunky red necklace and nude sandals.

I bought a lovely green dress in a little boutique called Red Ginger in Cairns, Australia a couple years ago. I LOVE the style of it, but can never seem to find others like it when I'm out shopping! So with this fabric, I decided to make this dress with the same pattern. My madre is a textile genius, and she had a quick look at the green dress and cut out a rough pattern based on the two panels of the dress (front and back). We made some tweaks as I kept trying it on and wanting to change things, but the end result is fab (I think!). There are halter straps if I want to wear it that way, but I tucked them in to make it a strapless number today =D.

I added a colour pop of purple on the lower lashline (No7 Metalic Eyes Pencil in 05 Purple with Urban Decay Fishnet Eyeshadow over the top).

Made anything you're proud of lately?? I'd love to see!

Mega Love xx

July, July, July was a lovely year!

If you haven't heard his music, I HIGHLY recommend checking out Natty if you're feeling the summer tune-age :). He's super chill and great for background music if you're getting together on the beach/at the pool/ in your back garden!

Today is amazingly sunny, and I've been out and about at the beach, doing some shopping, and concentrating hard on a sudoku in my back yard! I'm off to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 in a bit (I'm pretty sure my bf and I are the only two left on the planet who have yet to see it!!) and I'm super excited =D! Though it does seem a bit of a shame being inside on such a loverly day. What did you guys think of it?

On this hot, busy day, I decided to opt for shorts and a loose, flowy top. Since I have been out in the sun most of today, and will continue to be when I'm not in the dark movie theatre, I chose a vest cardigan just to cover my shoulders. This top I have had for a good few years, but I absolutely LOVE IT. I love the deep V at the front and back - awesome for layering with a white cami underneath (I've got a bikini top on, so just went for the top by itself).

Top - Free People
Shorts- Bershka
Vest - Dorothy Perkins
Sandals - New Look
Sunglasses - Poundland!

Mega Love xx

"Come on rip her to shreds"

YEAHHHH she's so dull, come on, rip her to shreds! Oh how I do love a bit of Blondie :D! Today I pulled out one of my favourite denim skirts, that I made myself from a pair of jeans that were getting a bit scabby. I love recycling old fabric, whether from clothing items or not, and coming up with something unique and perfectly fitted just for you! To make a skirt from an old pair of jeans, put the jeans on and mark with a pen where you want to cut (leave an extra inch if you're hemming, or 2-3 inches if you're going to be fraying the edges like I did on this skirt). REMEMBER: You can always cut more off if you want, but you can't go back in time if you later decide you wanted it a bit longer!! Save the cut-off denim and use a bit to insert a panel between the legs, like in the picture below:

Now you've got a great new skirt, that you can customise by sewing on patches, distressing with bleach, or fraying. I paired mine with a basic grey tank top and some nude sandals.

Tank top - Next (their basics are great!!)
Sandals - New Look

I was inspired by the warm weather to go for an orange eye look:
For those interested, I used Indianwood Paint Pot (MAC) across the lid and in the crease, Melon Pigment (MAC) patted onto the lid, and Rule eyeshadow (MAC) blended into the crease. Just follow with a bit of black liner a long the top lashes (very important I find when using bright shadows, so as not to lose your lashes amongst the makeup!) and of course lots of mascara.

I think many people are afraid of orange on the eyes, when in fact it makes green and blue eyes pop! It is easier if you've got a warmer skin tone, and looks PHENOMENAL on tan and darker skin, but just play around and see how you can make it work for you. If you've quite pale, or have a very cool skin tone, have a neutral lid, and just a colour pop of orange on the lower lash line, perhaps? Let me know if you like wearing orange too!

Mega Love xx

Go Pro

So you discover you have to dress in rather professional or business attire, whether for a meeting, interview, conference or other important event. WHAT DO YOU WEAR?! It depends on the climate/ weather, and what you feel comfortable in. A blazer is always a great option; my two favourite places on the high street to grab hold of a well-made one for a great price are Zara and H&M. They often have a really good selection of colours too. That brings me on to the second thing: colour. Don't feel like black and white are your only options! Many of us don't actually look that great in black and white..it can be very harsh and draining. You want to choose a colour that makes me you look and feel awake and healthy! If you still want to stay within the neutral zone, navy or grey are great alternatives. But there is nothing wrong with a red or plum blazer to mix things up.

Underneath the blazer, wear a suitable top. If it is pretty hot and you are likely to be taking your blazer off, don't have something too revealing. Underneath my blazer I have a sleeveless black tight-fitting top; this prevents bumps and bulges from appearing underneath the blazer, and is still suitable to be shown as the weather is pretty hot and sunny here today.

On the bottom half you can opt for trousers if it is cooler and they are well-fitted, but I much prefer skirts; with tights in winter, without in summer. This is the same grey bodycon skirt I wore for my fashion interview, and it looks great with the grey blazer. Pencil skirts are also fab, but I opted for this today.

Heels are always a safe choice, AS LONG AS YOU CAN WALK IN THEM! There is nothing worse than seeing a woman in a beautifully composed outfit, but as soon as she takes on step you can see she looks like a fish out of water with those heels on. If you know you can't walk in them, opt for some cute flats! There is no pressure to wear heels, but go ahead and do so if you want!

Blazer - H&M
Black top - Next Basics
Skirt - New Look
Shoes - Marks & Spencer Autograph

As for the hair and makeup - keep is simple. I opted for a neutral eye, and a messy bun.

Hope this helps!

Mega Love xx

Gooood day, suuuunshine

Ahhhh sweet sunshine! Yesterday I awoke to a beautiful blue sky, so I was up and eating my breakfast with ample enthusiasm, then in the shower before I knew it. I part blow-dried my hair, but didn't really care enough to style it - I just wanted to get out on a nice long walk! I threw on my favourite pair of shorts from Bershka, in a light-wash denim, paired with a kaftan top I picked up in the Zara sale the other day for £9.99. Gorgeous and linen and deliciously me! I'm pretty obsessive about sunscreen and covering up when possible, so kaftans are great because they keep you really cool, whilst still covering the all-important shoulders. On the face, I slapped on some Origins Vita-zing (yes, it really is as good as everyone raves about..if you're like me and you don't need much coverage), then went for a green colour pop on the eye: Stash eyeliner (UD 24/7), and Humid eyeshadow on top (MAC). Yay colour!

One of the things I love about my house is the really long, South-facing, sun-catch of a patio we have out the back. When the sun shines on it, it is so light and bright that I honestly feel like I have been teleported somewhere hot hot hot! I flung my wetsuit and little booties out in the morn, and they were dry by the evening - SUCH a blessing. I hate drying to dry smelly wet things inside the house! When its sunny, you don't have to make plans to do a whole lot..my boyfriend and I just wandered around the beach, ate a massive burger from our favourite joint, then guzzled a milkshake. True bliss. Not my usual healthy meal, haha! But I had a giant salad for dinner, with avocado, sweet potato, walnuts, grapes and celery thrown in - delish!

Today it is grey once more, but I have errands to run, which i want to get done before what is supposed to be a rather lovely weekend - yessss!

Mega Love xx

Got ambition, baby

Whilst I was out and about today, I crossed a road heading home as a beautiful visually impaired woman and her guide dog were going the opposite way. I was actually quite mesmerised by her, she had the most gorgeous angelic wavy blonde hair, olive skin and a stunning figure. She waited as her dog made sure the road was all clear, then was led across the way. For the first time in about 5 days it wasn't raining, and I was actually enjoying walking through the park, taking in the abundance of green. But just as I was enjoying the moment, I realised: this beautiful woman can't. Or, at least not in the visual sense.

We are all so desperate to buy, buy, buy and have, have, have that I think so many of us lose track of what really matters. You know when you see the sea on a bright, sunny day? Or when you see a best friend after the longest time? Think about how you feel; how your eyes take in so much in a split second. Of course we have other senses that bring about the most powerful of responses and emotions, but there is nothing like seeing great beauty.

Unfortunately, it is not until something bad happens that many of us realise how much of an incredible blessing it is just to have your health. To be able to get out of bed in the morning, shower and dress yourself, to be able to walk on a beach, play in the dirt, and feel the exhilaration of diving into a pool of water. You don't need to have a lot of money, a massive house, a new car or anything that has now become so sought after. You just need to be grateful for all the beautiful things we're given for free; such as a sunny day, a flower freshly in bloom, and the many, many people in our lives that have shaped us into the people we are today!

So if you do have good health, count yourself lucky! Like I said, you don't need a lot of money to make your wildest dreams happen. Baby steps :). The world is your oyster, so get out there and explore!

Mega Love xx

Feeling blue?

As it looks, potentially, like it may not rain the ENTIRE day, I am hopeful I will be able to get a lot done today! Am I the only one finding it frustrating that we can't dress summery in JULY?! Mannnn I cannot wait to get my booty out of here.

I haven't done a colour pop look on the eyes for a while now, and though I'm definitely not one for matchy-matchy make-up and outfits, I think the blue liner looks nice with the navy of this tunic.

On the lids I used Brulee eyeshadow (MAC) over painterly paint pot (MAC), then a mixture of Naked & Buck (UD Naked Palette) blended into the crease. I lined my top lash line with Handwritten eyeshadow (MAC), so as not to take away from the intensity of Binge eyeliner (UD 24/7) with some Midnight Owl eyeshadow over the top (Mark).

Top: Miss Selfridge (a couple years ago)
Earrings: Accessorize (last year)

Mega Love xx

The Endless Grey Days of a Rainy Haze

I learned two very important things today:
1. I am never going make hot chocolate with water instead of milk again - yuck!
2. English weather simply is not fair, and I cannot deal with it

I woke up to find it was raining, yet again. The BBC says that the whole week's weather is 'uncertain', but it's pretty much rain. So there was no hairstyling on the cards, and no wearing anything nice. Giant snuggly sweatshirt and old cut-off shorts.

Here are my thoughts... I think the reason us British find the weather so FRUSTRATING is that it is not something that we can just fix by means of letter-writing, petition signing, or endless complaining (I mean, we fully take advantage of the latter, but still nothing is solved). It is simply a case of just waiting it out. The super annoying thing is, in the summer, you want to be out and about doing things, but a) there is no point in wearing anything that can get damaged in the rain/style your hair as it just gets scabbified and b) you have to struggle to find ways to entertain yourself! And if you're an outdoorsy girl like myself, sure you don't mind going on a rainy walk every now and then, but MAN does the grey sky get you feeling down when it is there day in, day out!

I've been running errands today, and have a couple more things to sort out this afternoon. But, I thought I'd try my new hot chocolate! (UGH hot chocolate in July!!! :( ) I love Clipper anything, so thought I'd give their hot chocolate a try. On the jar it says to make a paste with 3-4 tsp and either cold milk or water, then add hot water. OK ew. Hot chocolate is not creamy and delicious unless you have milk! I don't care if it is dairy, soya, oat or rice milk, but jeeeez do yourself a favour and don't add water!

 I have high hopes for the future of this hot chocolate... just with some milk next time!

Back out into the rain I go. I really hope it is sunny where you are!!

Mega Love xx

So you wanna work in fashion, huh?

Earlier today I had an interview at a fashion retailer here in England. However, it was pouring with rain, and I had to walk to get there...no summer sandals and cute dress for me! Here's what I wore (shoes you can't see, but they were grey studded ankle boots to keep the rain off my feet!).
When you're going for interview at a fashion retailer, you don't want to wear the standard black and white...in fact, they look for personality and style! I opted for what I call a 'casual suit' ha! I wore a floral top to bring a summery feel to the outfit despite the lacking weather! with a grey bodycon skirt and grey boyfriend cardigan. Black tights and grey ankle boots protected me from the rain, and a turquoise statement bangle provided a colour pop. Feather earrings gave a boho, festival feel, and I kept my make up neutral.
  • Top - New Look
  • Skirt- New Look
  • Cardigan - Zara
  • Earrings - Topshop
  • Bangle - Primark
  • Ring - little market in South Africa
  • Make up - Following tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-dEGRTcreQ
So my advice is to be yourself! Try and play with one key trend in your outfit to show them you know what you're doing, but most importantly wear what makes you feel well-dressed and polished.

Mega Love xx

Looking back...

It's mid-July and a super-grey, tad rainy day here in England (woah, surprise!). And on this little rainy day inside, inbetween house-cleaning, laundry-doing, and dissertation-prepping, I've been having a little think back to the past few summers of my life, and all the nifty things I've been up to! I'm going to start back in 2007, LET'S GO!

In the summer of 2007, I headed back to D.C. (where I used to live) for the first time after moving back to England, to visit my most beloved bestie and co. after finishing exams and officially leaving school. I stayed with with my second family for about 7 weeks or so, had a little chillax and revisited my favourite sites. It's weird, you see so much more when you make the effort to do the touristy things that you just don't do when you live in a place! Here are some snappppppies:

From Top-Bottom: US Flag somewhere in the city centre, the Lincoln Memorial, wall art in Adams Morgan, and the bestie in Great Falls National Park, VA.

So next up...summer 2008...This was my first summer having a car! So a couple friends and I took a road trip to our favourite surf spot (Woolacombe, North Devon) and had a wee camping trip! It rained the entire week, but the surf was redonk amazing!! So we didn't really care. I also

From Top-Bottom: A couple little boardy-boards (my banana bic ha!), the BEAUUUTIFUL lines at Putsburough, us laughing despite the constant rain, the last evening, when the sun came out :D

Then came 2009...I had just finished my A-levels, and headed Down Under to Cairns and the surrounding area for 2 months to do some conservation work in the rainforest, and some diving before heading to uni in September...

From Top-Bottom: Zillie Falls, Mission Beach (I sky-dived from 15,000ft onto this beautiful sandy dreamland!), the view at 8am from a dive boat I was working on, and a turtle...just chillin as I swam past.

2010...The bestie came to visit me in England (her first time here!), then in September I headed to to visit a friend in Dubai, before travelling on to Cape Town, South Africa!

From Top-Bottom: The bestie and I on a little boat trip, some random camels on the way to Abu Dhabi from Dubai, the Burj Al Arab Hotel from Jumeirah Beach at night, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, Cape Town from a boat out to Robben Island, a great white shark from a cage dive, a sample of the beautiful plantlife in Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, a massive sand dune in the West Coast National Park.

And now for 2011... I'm preparing for an intensive third year of university (ahh!!). By preparing I mean trying to relax, and think more about all the adventures yet to unfold, rather than the heavy workload!

Mega Love xx