Let's Talk OCCO

OCCO is a brand that only recently crossed my path, but boy am I glad it sauntered in as it did. I think that around Christmas time, luxury Bath & Body products are always on the agenda for the ladies (and gents!) and it's a nice time to perhaps try things that you hadn't previously...

Cue OCCO. This is a luxury spa brand from the Dalmatian Coast & Adriatic Sea; a Croatian brand that needs more love from us over here in the UK! The products are packed with gorgeous ingredients, the packaging is exquisite and they even have a spa to boot (which I am dying to go to. DYING.).

They have seven different ranges all inspired by the natural beauty of Croatia and a really well-thought-out collection of products to suit all lifestyles. The price point is comparable with, say, Origins and I would rate the quality on a par.

The two gems that I've been trying are the Dalmacija No1 Gentle Soft Wax Cleanser and the Motovun No3 Wood Pulp, Cypress and Pine Body Scrub.
1. Dalmacija No1 Gentle Soft Wax Cleanser - This retails for £28, making it slightly cheaper than the ever-worshipped Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm. I've not tried the EH, though I'm sure I'll get round to it eventually... Anyway, it's gorgeous! It has a light, citrusy, non-invasive scent and is enriched with grapeseed, olive oil and beeswax in a wax-based formula for gentle cleansing. I use this as the second stage in my double-cleanse to clean my skin after make-up is removed, though this does a great job at breaking down make-up too. Gorgeous, 50ml, glass jar.

2. Motovun No3 Wood Pulp, Cypress & Pine Body Scrub - This retails for £25, so similar to say the Caudalie body scrubs. You get 175ml and it's a thick texture which means it doesn't all gloop down the drain instantly (major pet peeve!). It smells like a medley of a rhassoul mud and a wooded forest, but it's not in anyway overpowering. It's truly earthy and relaxing and I really love this as a gorgeous, unwinding treatment in the evenings.

Get on the OCCO bandwagon. You won't be disappointed! Oh, and someone please go to Dubrovnik Sun Gardens and tell me all about it if I don't get there first!