Madara Deco Face Sun Flower Tinting Fluid

This stuff is really lovely. I have normal/dehydrated skin and tend to gravitate towards very glowy products for my base, but this velvet/matte base feels very light on the skin, doesn't settle into fine lines and has a shimmer to it that does make the skin appear to glow. It offers no more than 10% coverage, so you will have to use a concealer on any blemishes/dark circles/redness, but it does offer an 'I've just come back from a refreshing holiday in the Mediterranean' type of golden glow.

Madara offers natural beauty products for the health-conscious. This is the first I've tried from them and so far, so good. The pros are that the ingredients are great and the product smells exactly like celery (if that floats your boat!). The packaging is very chic for such an 'eco' brand and the pump dispenser is very handy and hygienic. The cons are that the container is opaque so you have no way of knowing when you're running low and also it doesn't look particularly recyclable at first glance. Lots of plastic. Also, at £23, it certainly isn't the cheapest option out there.

On good skin days, this is perfect, but if you do need more coverage, I would say perhaps give this a miss. For me, it's the perfect thing to slap on for the weekend. I know I'm getting good ingredients onto my skin, whilst still offering a teeny bit of som'n som'n. You can find this over at Feel Unique if you're curious.

Let me know if you'd recommend anything else from the brand. OR any similar products?