The Endless Grey Days of a Rainy Haze

I learned two very important things today:
1. I am never going make hot chocolate with water instead of milk again - yuck!
2. English weather simply is not fair, and I cannot deal with it

I woke up to find it was raining, yet again. The BBC says that the whole week's weather is 'uncertain', but it's pretty much rain. So there was no hairstyling on the cards, and no wearing anything nice. Giant snuggly sweatshirt and old cut-off shorts.

Here are my thoughts... I think the reason us British find the weather so FRUSTRATING is that it is not something that we can just fix by means of letter-writing, petition signing, or endless complaining (I mean, we fully take advantage of the latter, but still nothing is solved). It is simply a case of just waiting it out. The super annoying thing is, in the summer, you want to be out and about doing things, but a) there is no point in wearing anything that can get damaged in the rain/style your hair as it just gets scabbified and b) you have to struggle to find ways to entertain yourself! And if you're an outdoorsy girl like myself, sure you don't mind going on a rainy walk every now and then, but MAN does the grey sky get you feeling down when it is there day in, day out!

I've been running errands today, and have a couple more things to sort out this afternoon. But, I thought I'd try my new hot chocolate! (UGH hot chocolate in July!!! :( ) I love Clipper anything, so thought I'd give their hot chocolate a try. On the jar it says to make a paste with 3-4 tsp and either cold milk or water, then add hot water. OK ew. Hot chocolate is not creamy and delicious unless you have milk! I don't care if it is dairy, soya, oat or rice milk, but jeeeez do yourself a favour and don't add water!

 I have high hopes for the future of this hot chocolate... just with some milk next time!

Back out into the rain I go. I really hope it is sunny where you are!!

Mega Love xx

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