Gooood day, suuuunshine

Ahhhh sweet sunshine! Yesterday I awoke to a beautiful blue sky, so I was up and eating my breakfast with ample enthusiasm, then in the shower before I knew it. I part blow-dried my hair, but didn't really care enough to style it - I just wanted to get out on a nice long walk! I threw on my favourite pair of shorts from Bershka, in a light-wash denim, paired with a kaftan top I picked up in the Zara sale the other day for £9.99. Gorgeous and linen and deliciously me! I'm pretty obsessive about sunscreen and covering up when possible, so kaftans are great because they keep you really cool, whilst still covering the all-important shoulders. On the face, I slapped on some Origins Vita-zing (yes, it really is as good as everyone raves about..if you're like me and you don't need much coverage), then went for a green colour pop on the eye: Stash eyeliner (UD 24/7), and Humid eyeshadow on top (MAC). Yay colour!

One of the things I love about my house is the really long, South-facing, sun-catch of a patio we have out the back. When the sun shines on it, it is so light and bright that I honestly feel like I have been teleported somewhere hot hot hot! I flung my wetsuit and little booties out in the morn, and they were dry by the evening - SUCH a blessing. I hate drying to dry smelly wet things inside the house! When its sunny, you don't have to make plans to do a whole boyfriend and I just wandered around the beach, ate a massive burger from our favourite joint, then guzzled a milkshake. True bliss. Not my usual healthy meal, haha! But I had a giant salad for dinner, with avocado, sweet potato, walnuts, grapes and celery thrown in - delish!

Today it is grey once more, but I have errands to run, which i want to get done before what is supposed to be a rather lovely weekend - yessss!

Mega Love xx


  1. You look beautiful, love your make up!

    Thank you for your lovely comment, dear!



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