Fueled by colour.

So you will have probably noticed by now that I am all for submerging yourself in as much colour as possible through your outfit choices! I have always been that way..choosing the oranges and turquoises over beige and more beige. Below is a picture of one of my clothing racks, in particular one displaying my scarves: layer upon layer of bright patterns!

Don't get me wrong, there are some definite neutral staples in my wardrobe, but if I can wear colour, then I will! It just fits my super happy and excited personality more =D! In a pretty grey country like England, the colour does wonders for my mood, making me feel like I'm off in the tropics..if only for a little while :)! Today I'm going colour-blocking, with a turquoise eye.

Top - New Look
Skirt - New Look
Shoes - uhhhhh :)
Bottom lashline - No7 Metallic Eyes Pencil in 01 Green with MAC Surf USA Eyeshadow over the top

Mega Love xx


  1. I love your post and blog so much!!!.))

    I need your help. I spend another survey but this time with another question.
    "Where do you prefer to shop? What is your favorite shopping center?"

  2. Adore this, the matching make up is super cute too.

    Helen, X


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