Supporting Local....Skincare!

We're told that one of the best things we can do for our bodies and our environment is to purchase our groceries local & seasonal. There's a lot of truth to this; buying local reduces the miles food has to travel in order to get to your shop shelf, thus reducing carbon emissions. It also means that you're getting the freshest possible produce. After all, if you live in London and just bought a mango...are you really sure how long it's been since that mango was plucked from the tree?

So on a similar wave length: why not shop your cosmetics locally too?

For English Roses, consider the following beautiful brands:

  • Balance Me 'Balance Me uses innovative naturally active botanicals, hi-tech natural formulations and pure grade essential oils powerful botanicals to deliver a skincare range that offers the customer sophisticated textures and aromatherapy-inspired exquisite active aromas that can be used daily across all skin types.'
  • Dr. Jackson's 'Dr Jackson’s is a niche cosmeceutical company created from 21 years of pharmacognosy research, utilising the best from nature.'
  • Emma Hardie "I believe in treating the skin with the utmost respect. Just as we need to nurture the natural ground cover that protects the earth’s surface from erosion, so we need to nourish and nurture our protective cover, our skin. This way we can be assured of a life-long vibrant complexion that radiates the vitality of youth"
  • Sarah Chapman 'Luxury with efficacy, softness meets strength, Skinesis is a solutions driven skincare range that combines high potency cosmeceutical ingredients with nurturing naturals and ultra luxurious packaging.'
  • Aromatherapy Associates 'Aromatherapy Associates have been the leading experts within aromatherapy for over 30 years.'
  • Ren 'Since its launch in 2000 REN has become a cult favourite amongst beauty editors and consumers and is now available in department stores, pharmacies and spas in over 50 countries around the world.'
  • LUSH - I couldn't write this list without including this classic fun, natural, innovative brand. They stand for what they believe in, make bath time fun and sell some cracking skincare.

I hope you found this informative! Please share your favourite British brands below. There are so many more that I equally adore.