Your Healthy Self #2

It's no secret that a good sweat does wonders for your body; both inside and out. Getting yourself moving keeps those extra pounds at bay, flushes toxins from the body, improves your mood and gives you a glowing complexion. What's not to love about that?!

I definitely believe that some people are naturally more sporty than others, but worry not if you're part of the latter category - you too can stay fit AND love it! When most of us think of working out, an unfriendly, bleak and clinical imagine of a scary gym with tiny-toned-tummies and mega-muscley-men appears and we want to run for the hills. But fret not my lovelies, if the gym isn't your thing then don't sign up to one! I've tried gyms in the past, some I couldn't stand and others were pretty welcoming, but in general I'm much more of an 'activity' kinda gal than a treadmill-runner. When I used to live in the States, swimming was a part of life. I was on a swim team and spent almost every day during the summer in or around my neighbourhood pool. Flash forward to England where its cold and wet year round and outdoor pools are pretty much non-existent and I had to find something else to do!

When I moved back I thought to myself, 'ok, because the weather is so unpredictable here, I'd be wise to find an indoor activity'. Something I had always wanted to try was kickboxing, so I tried it out and fell in love. It was a great anger-buster, strength-builder, weight-loss-wonder and in addition taught me the all important lessons of self defence. I worked out with the boys and really enjoyed it, but there are many women's only classes around for those of you a bit shy about trying out something so different and challenging. I've been to a few myself and its a really empowering and wonderful atmosphere to be in! One that I thoroughly recommend.

On a different note, something else that I got into about a year ago is Zumba!
I initially saw a great deal on Groupon for classes with a local instructor and I instantly fell in love (to those of you in the UK, do keep a lookout on Groupon as they often have deals for exercise classes). I love to dance and every workout is both fun and exhausting! The music is great, my instructor is so much fun and you can seriously learn some amazing moves to take with you to the club haha! I have been to a few different classes and noticed that some instructors are more into dancing, others more into aerobics, so you will have to try a few for yourself and see what you prefer.

These are just two ideas - feel free to comment below with your fun way of working out! The bottom line is that you can't be scared of trying out something new, otherwise you'll be stuck in a rut forever. Getting yourself moving is the best way to get on that path to a happier and healthy you. So what are you waiting for?! 

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  1. I'm glad you got yourself into Zumba! I love to work up a sweat sometimes but I prefer jogging or boxing haha. If I was more coordinated then I would LOVE to try Zumba haha...

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