Finding Your Allure.

There is something to be said about those women that exude sensuality and allure. I’m not talking about being overtly provocative, but rather that element of mysterious confidence. For me, I can take two women as different as Nigella Lawson and Kristen Stewart and admire the beauty of both. Let’s look at Nigella first:
A classic hourglass and curvy woman deemed the ‘domestic goddess’ by many, Nigella is known for her love of cooking. Anyone who has watched one of her shows and listened to the way she describes the ingredients will be familiar with the passion she has for what she does. Is it the clothing she wears or the way she does her make-up? No, not really. It’s the twinkle in her eye and the element of mystery to her that we find so attractive.

Onto Kristen:

Credit: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic
I find people have a love/hate relationship with this girl. Her personality and style of acting seems to bother a lot of people, but there’s something about her that I actually quite like. Physically, she is the complete opposite to Ms. Lawson; she is very slim with a boyish frame, porcelain-skinned and frequently rocks the undone/messy look. She can pull off the skinny jeans, sneakers and baggy t-shirt thing because it compliments her personality. Known for her awkwardness, there is something quite endearing about a girl that is thought by millions to be stunningly gorgeous, yet doesn’t know it. She hits the red carpet in a fantastic dress and always emanates a tiny bit of, ‘why am I wearing this dress? I must look ridiculous’. In reality, we’re all thinking, ‘Oh my goodness! Look at those incredible legs! Look at that amazing smoky eye that makes her green eyes pop! She is so beautiful!’

Both of the above are charming in their own way. And that’s what I want to emphasise here. Every young woman will hit a certain age in her late-teens or early-twenties when she enters a kind of awkward in-limbo phase of having to evolve from a girl to a woman. It is up to you and you alone to grasp that and run with it! Find what makes you feel most confident, whether that’s a uniform of pencil skirts and high heels, or Vans and baggy tees. Wearing what makes you feel yourself and beautiful will make the biggest difference to your life and how others perceive you. The clothing isn’t really the important part, as people take notice of a confident woman as a whole, not what brand of dress she is wearing. However, clothing is a good place to start.

Feeling a bit confused? Here are some tips:
1.       Take a long, hard look at yourself in front of a full-length mirror. Preferably in your underwear, or tight fitting clothing so that you can gauge your true body shape. I cannot emphasise this enough! Knowing your body shape will a) make you always dress in a way that flatters your figure and b) save you money as you will no longer buy those key things you know wont suit you!
2.       Know your colours! Get into a clothing store and hold up pieces to your face and see which ones make you appear brighter, happier, and more awake – these are the colours you should be wearing! It’s a myth that everyone suits black...I for one really hate it on me, unless it’s on my lower half away from my face. Take a pale redhead for instance, put her in black and it often drains her, put her in khaki or rust and look at how she seems to radiate.
3.       Think about your lifestyle and the climate you live in to give you an indication of the kinds of pieces that are ACTUALLY appropriate for you to be wearing. (Believe it or not, so many women spend money on things that they buy for a ‘fantasy lifestyle’ that they have in their mind, rather than their actual lifestyle. The result is that they remain hanging in the back of the closet for years.)
4.       Spend more money on what you will wear most often; for women living in colder climates these things include high-quality boots, knitwear, jeans (if that’s your thing), and a coat.
5.       Finally, WEAR NICE UNDERWEAR! I cannot express this enough! Firstly, if you are a larger lady, having structured lingerie will absolutely change the way clothing looks on you. It will emphasise your waist, lift your bust and bum and create a streamlined effect. And then this applies to anybody, knowing you are wearing nice lingerie will completely change your body language; you feel sexier, more confident, and more of a woman, no matter how curvy or boyish your frame may be!

More to come on this subject soon, but for now know that you are a beautiful woman no matter what your hair colour, skin colour, body shape or height! Wear what you feel most confident in and trust me others will take notice. It sounds crazy, but life-changing things can start happening to you when others take notice that you are more self-assured; you feel happier, smile more, and become more attractive.

Bye for now lovelies J.

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