Shopping The Stash

I moved house a couple days ago and it really put into perspective just how many beauty products and items of clothing I seem to have accumulated. I am now living with the bf, so shared space definitely means upping the organisation, clearing out, and enjoying what I already have rather than pleasing the shopper in me.

At the end of the day, I have just finished University and am saving up to go travelling. This is not the time to be shopping, but rather getting creative and also reassessing what I truly need. That being said, I am a beauty geek at heart and love coming up with new looks and playing around with my plethora of barely-touched shades.

These are 3 products that I thought I would give some lovin'. The Too Faced Amber Asteroid eyeshadow is a gorgeous Mac Club-esque colour that looks great with green or brown eyes. MAC's Stereo Rose MSF is a gorgeous shimmery blush/highlight. Finally Benefit's Hoola is a very subtle bronzer on my skintone (MAC NC30) so just adds a touch of healthy colour.

Go have a play with your stash, you'll probably rediscover some lovely little gems :-)


  1. Love so much these products : amazing colors :)

    With love,Mia

  2. the too faced eyeshadow looks awesome on your eyes! i think i need to begin re-shopping through my makeup drawer as well, i need to start saving for teacher's college, eeek.. check out my blog if you have time!


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