Review: Good Things Soothing Body Butter

I am a moisturiser addict - both on the face and body. I literally cannot start or finish my day without knowing my skin is happy. Once out of the shower in the morning, I slap on a body lotion or butter ASAP to lock in moisture (Did you know that that is the best way to moisturise your skin? Apply the product to damp skin to lock in moisture with a protective barrier on top.)

I had run out of my current lotion and was perusing the aisles in Boots for something natural, affordable and effective. I came across the Good Things section and decided that of the two body butters on offer I would go for this fruity smelling wonder (can be purchased here or here). Firstly, you get 300ml for £5.99 which is a bargain in my opinion for something created free of parabens, SLS, mineral oils or animal ingredients. It is the most incredible whipped texture, definitely thicker than a lotion, but not greasy like some body butters can be. It applies beautifully and moisturises to perfection.

Ingredients include: coconut and shea butter for 24 hour moisture, plus goji berry and plum for their antioxidant properties. It smells of the most amazing fruity berry concoction , so if you are into that kind of thing then you must go grab this!

The next time I am in Boots I think I will check out this range and try a few more things as I am so impressed with this one. If you are on a budget but keen on treating your skin well with more natural products, this is definitely a range worth checking out. Let me know if you have tried it!


  1. sounds like a good body butter

  2. oh i love the fact that it smells so good, i'll have to try it.



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