The Best Bargain Shoes

Whilst undergoing a casual mission to find the perfect coat for a good friend of mine yesterday (yes, in July...this is England -_-) we popped into Primark for some basics. I have been on the hunt for a comfortable, practical pair of black pumps for a while. Oh, and I've put myself on a budget as I am saving this year for an epic travel adventure. Primark had the perfect answer!

I must be a bit behind with the whole Primark thing because I was blown away when I noticed the pricetag - £3.00. Crazy stuff! They have really good, rubberised soles and look like they wont be leaking anytime soon (I cannot deal with pathetic soles and all the walking I do in this English weather!). They also come in turquoise, grey, white, burgundy and camel. TOTALLY RECOMMEND!


  1. those shoes look really comfortable!!

  2. Love the blog and your pictures are really nicely done as well!! Follow from me :D


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