Smells so good you'll wanna eat it!

I find LUSH to be one of those shops that you either love or loathe. My boyfriend claims the place gives him a headache just walking past, whereas others could literally set up camp in there and happily inhale the inviting aroma.

I've been using their products for years and wanted to give praise today to my favourite body lotion in the world.

Vanilla Dee-Lite Body Lotion is a 'Delightfully soothing, creamily smoothing, vanilla scented lotion for your body and hands. With natural coconut and illipe butters and vitamin-packed, fresh kiwi fruit.'

At £11.75, this definitely is not the cheapest of lotions, but once you start, you cannot stop using it! The very strong vanilla scent (and not the nasty artificial kind) hits you every time you use it, and lasts for over 24 hours on the skin. If I shower in the AM and apply, the next morning when I get in the shower I can smell it rubbing off! It is wonderfully calming on any red, dry, waxed or irritated skin, which I think is a trait that many find surprising. Generally these days, if a product has a strong scent to it, those with sensitive skin tend to stay away thinking it will only make matters worse, but LUSH products include natural scents, not the artificial perfume that causes all sorts of issues!

This beautiful lotion is easily absorbed but thoroughly moisturising, a rare trait I find, thus can be used all year round! It lingers on the skin, and is perfect for those that don't like to wear perfume, but want smell wonderful with their lotion. Even if you don't want to shell out for it, please just do me a favour and go take a whiff next time you pass a LUSH store :), it'll make my day!

Mega Love xx

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