December Carmine Beauty Box

I realise this is a tad late, but I wasn't here over Christmas...missed my parcel...had to wait for redelivery etc. I'm sure you understand :).

Once again, Carmine have truly outdone themselves. Each box keeps getting better and better, and this one truly is exceptional in terms of quality and value!

1. WELEDA Pomegranate Creamy Body Wash (204g): This full-sized natural body wash smells divine and moisturises the skin like nobody's business! I am a big fan of Weleda products, thus was very pleased to open up my box and see this :D! Contains no parabens, sulphates or petrochemicals - glorious!
 2. KMS CALIFORNIA Free Shape Quick Blow Dry Spray (30ml): This luxury sample claims to cut the time of blow-drying by 50% whilst also offering conditioning properties to the hair. I have not tried this product before, but love KMS as a brand, and am looking forward to giving it a try!

3.MY FACE Blingtone Eyeshadow in 'silver screen: I'm not sure how many grams are in this eyeshadow, but it is full-sized and in really lovely packaging. It is a very glittery eyeshadow that I will definitely be rocking on an upcomming big night out. The silver pigmentation is slightly lacking, but if you are looking for a shadow with very fine glitter (like a MAC Reflects Pigment) then this is a fab option!

4.  TIME TECHNOLOGY Creme (10ml): This luxury sample claims to be a miracle cream for skin of all ages, giving the skin an instant glow as well as deep moisturisation. Sounds a dream! I think this will be useful for travelling.
5. JAPONESQUE Smudger Brush: I was so excited to catch a glimpse at this little beauty in my box! I have heard only wonderful things about Japonesque brushes, but have yet to try one. This travel-sized smudger brush boosts short, dense hairs that work wonders at smoking out the lashline! Such a great little tool to have in my kit!

So instead of 5, we got 6 treats this month. The last little gem is a voucher for one free brow threading at any Benito Brow Bar in the coutry. They are found in many major cities, and claim to offer perfect shaping in very little time! I don't need to thread my brows, nor do I have a Benito Bar near me, but a good friend of mine will definitely be making good use of this!

So overall? This was such a great box, with amazing products, most of which I would genuinely repurchase! If you are considering signing up to Carmine, I would say: don't hesitate! Month after after box... you are receiving incredible value for money, and it opens your eyes to products you may normally not have tried before!

Mega Love xx

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