For All Enviro-conscious Beauties!

A couple years ago I purchased two of the TIGI Love, Peace & the Planet haircare products from some beauty website that was having a sale. I'm environmentally conscious, and these claim to be a bit more environmentally friendly than your standard haircare products by containing organic ingredients in a 50% post-consumer recycled bottle, as well as lacking in:
  1. Parabens
  2. Artificial Colours
  3. Synthetic Fragrances
OK, so they're not completely natural or anything, but if that doesn't bother you, the products themselves work amazingly, and I was so impressed by the first two that I explored the range a bit further.

1. TOTALLY BEACHIN Coconut Vanilla Body & Waves Styling Mist (177ml): This is basically the same as any surf spray, but smells wonderful! And instead of your standard salt spray which really can dry out the hair, this one contains kelp and coconut water to lock in moisture whilst pineapple and sea salt add that tousled texture. (If you like the cult Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray, or have been wanting to try it, give this a shot, I much prefer it...your hair wont look quite so greasy!)

2. LET IT BE Cherry Almong Leave-in Conditioner (250ml): This does wonders at detangling knotted hair, leaving your locks smelling great and shining away throughout the day.

3.SAVE THE EARTH Cinnamon Soy Orange Straightener & Defrizzer (250ml): Aloe vera, olive oil and wheat amino acids act as a heat and UV protectant and tame those flyaways during blow-drying.

4. FREE UR MIND Cherry Almond Firm Hold Hairspray (250ml): I was searching for a non-aerosol hairspray and this one jumped out at me. The hold is fantastic and I can keep a faux-hawk in place all day and night and it smells like amaretto and cherry coke. You must, must try!

THE BEST BIT is that they really are at the lower-end of the high-end product price spectrum! The first two I ordered from online, but about a year later spotted the other two in TK Maxx at around £5 each (hence the badly-torn-off sticker on the 'Save The Earth' bottle!). You really should look at the beauty section in your local TK Maxx when you have time, they have some amazing finds!

Mega Love xx

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