Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation

Now if I'm having a relatively good skin day, I simply choose to slap on the Origins Vita-zing as my single form of 'coverage', perhaps with a tad of concealer under the eyes if its been a late night. But there are times when I want that extra boost, that extra-perfect look to my skin, so liquid foundation comes into play. For about a year now I have been using the Bourjois 10-Hour Sleep Effect, and it has been fantastic, but I thought as my bottle had emptied I would try one of the other raved-about Bourjois foundations: Healthy Mix Serum. This is a new, alternative version of the original Healthy Mix, and is more of a gel-like formula, claiming to boost radiance for up to 16hrs, and creating an 'even, revived complexion' and contains vitamin-rich lychee, goji berries and pomegranate.

At £10.99, this isn't the cheapest highstreet/drugstore foundation, but considering I would have placed the last Bourjois foundation I used on a par with all the high end counterparts out there, I thought that this would be worth the dosh. And boy was I not wrong! This foundation applies like a dream, the pigmentation is light-medium but buildable, has a slightly dewy finish, would work on skin types ranging from oily to dry, and the colour pulls neither too pink or yellow - perfection?! My one complaint applies to all the Bourjois foundations unfortunately, and that is that although the shades they do sell are neutral, the range is rather limited and many skintones must surely have to go without.

Below are photos of me without any foundation, with just foundation, and then the entire look:

(I think its rather funny how I smile a little bit more in each photo haha!)

Overall the wear is amazing! I haven't yet had to wear it for the full 16 hours, but after 12 it still looks and feels great; no grease, no caking or creasing, and my skin still looks glowing. Definitely worth it!

Mega Love xx

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  1. I love the green eyeliner!


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