January Carmine Beauty Box

So I think I am just going to accept that Carmine are an awesome company! Every month since October I have been overjoyed with the contents of their monthly beauty box, and January was no exception.

So this month was a really interesting little combination.
1. WESTLAB Himalayan Pink Salt: This beaming sachet of bath salt comes straight from the Himalayan moutains, claiming to detoxify your skin in a 30-minute soak as well as a 3-day fast would! I don't know about you, but I was shocked when I read that! Along with the product, which I am most excited to try, is a discount code for 30% off some of their products.

2. ELDORA B158 False Eyelashes: This gorgeous pair of handmade, re-usable lashes comes with adhesive included, and really are the perfect shape for glamorous definition on a big night out! I have only recently started experimenting with false lashes, so was over the moon to see this stunning pair!
3. EYEKO Fat Eye Stick in 'Petrol Blue' (4g): This is a full-sized, creamy colour that will work wonders at creating a coloured smoky-eye, I can tell already! It is easily blendable and glossy, but with a lasting effect; I absolutely adore it!

4. BALANCE ME Radiance Face Oil: This Luxury 5ml sample claims to make your skin literally glow! It is to be applied either day or night before moisturiser, to deeply replenish your skin.
5. KORRES Wild Rose 24-hr moisturiser: This travel-sized sample of 10ml boosts an SPF of 6, contains organic, wild rose to brighten and repair your complexion, and provides 24-hr hydration too! I think I will keep this little baby handy for my travels! I have always wanted to try products from Korres, but have never got round to it/had easy access. This just highlights one of the wonderful things about signing up to a service such as Carmine - you get wonderful little surprises just like this one! In addition, there is also a £5.00 off voucher for every £25.00+ purchase with Korres included in the box!
So yes, just to reiterate, the box this month was a gem! If you're not already signed up, I highly recommend it :)

Mega Love xx


  1. hey girl, i need some fashion advice over at my place!

    xo the egg out west.

  2. That's really nice!
    I love the fake eye-lashes! <3

  3. You have SUCH an awesome blog! Love all the beauty tips here! Amazing.

    Wardrobe Stylists, NYC.



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