Halloween Episode 3: The Finale

I hope those of you that celebrate Halloween had a fantastic time yesterday! I know I sure did, at a fantastic party, dancing the night away :).
I decided to go as a raven this year. I picked up this stunning dress in New Look (which I would TOTALLY wear on any night out, but instantly thought of a potential Halloween costume when I saw it!). The make-up is inspired by Black Swan; hair is in a massive faux hawk; contacts are green elf eyes.
My lovely bestie was a leopard :)

Mega Love xx


  1. You look great! I love your make up

    Sam x

  2. Wow amazing Idea, I went as Avatar but i should have rather went as Black Swan way more sexier. Great Make up.

    Love S.

  3. You look great, I love the make-up!


  4. Stunning!!! you have the beautiful eyes :-)

    DeJhanee Miller
    3 months old follower


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