Fear not life's great mysteries!

I wanted to post about something that has been buzzing about my mind, heart, and soul a great deal lately. That being the subject of change.

I grew up moving all over the world due to the nature of my parents' work, so pretty much from birth I was used to always being the 'new girl' in class, learning the route to school from my new house, and having to be bold and make friends. Fast-forward to now and I am so, SO glad to have had that experience. It completely moulded me into the person I am today, how I tend to approach things with an open mind, and most importantly a positive attitude! If I hadn't lived in those places, I never would have met the people that I call my best friends today, seen the sights that literally take your breath away, and seen people living with literally NOTHING, but still rocking a smile, whilst others (in this country for example) complain about how 'miserable' their lives are - pffft!

I'm in my final year of uni, and I no longer intend to pursue the career that I fully had my heart set on when I began. It took me a while to admit that to myself, let alone everyone else. I had always spoken badly of people that went to university and left to do something completely different afterwards. Now, I'm one of them. The thing is, you cannot anticipate or deny the sugar and spice that happens during your time at university, the person you grow into, and the people that will change your life. And it is nothing to be ashamed about: simply admitting that you are now no longer the person you were when you started your degree. You should look at it as a beautiful thing - I do!

So whilst yes, I am finding it a little harder to concentrate on my course, as the passion I once had for it has dimmed, I see it as this great obstacle that I must prove to myself I can overcome! Two years complete, it would be a waste in my eyes personally, of time and money to simply drop out, with no plans lined-up. And who knows, in a few years time I could change my mind again and be a keen bean again! Life passes by so quickly, and many people unfortunately waste their time doing something they just don't enjoy. So although it is scary to pursue a dream others may consider 'unrealistic' or 'silly', it is better to end up broke and back at the bottom of the ladder than spend all your days wondering what might have been - never able to rewind time and try again. I am one of lucky ones out there, having met the love of my life at university. Whatever happens afterwards, if all employment opportunities in the immediate future go down the plughole, at least I will have the most important thing to me there when I come home. When you find that somebody, NOTHING in the world is worth letting them go!

The first step is being honest with yourself. Listen to your gut instinct and fuel that little jumping bean in your heart that wants - like a child on Christmas morning to open his or her presents - to make those dreams come true!

I wish that all your dreams come true :)!

Mega Love xx

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