Carmine Beauty Box 2

So after the massive success of last month's Carmine Beauty Box, I was greatly anticipating this month's arrival, in the hope that it would live up to my expectations! In rolls the 'Celebrity Box'! The 5 products were equally up to par in terms of getting 3 full sized, and 2 samples (pretty incredible considering the box is only £10!!) but personally I wasn't as in awe as I was over the first box. That being said, I am still very, very pleased with the contents, and really enjoyed the idea that all products are somehow related to a celebrity, 'from Nicola Roberts to Lulu to Bono and Adele'!

                                                                                  (L-R: eyeliner, lipstick, brow ink)

1. First up is LULU'S Time Bomb (15ml sample): This flashback night cream claims to rewind time while you sleep; not sure I will get much use out of it only being 21, but I may give it to my Mama for a trial!

2. NEOM LUXURY ORGANICS Organic Body Lotion (50ml sample): this luxurious lotion is packed with lavendar, jasmine, basil and more, and quite honestly smells and feel divine!

3. NEW CID i-Pout Lipstick (full sized): This comes in the colour 'Belle' (1302) and is a gorgeous every-face-friendly- pinky/peach. The novelty is that there is a mirror on one side of the lid, and a light on the lipstick barrel - the idea is that you can apply your lipstick even in the dark! You've got to hand it to them, it's a pretty new and fun idea! The texture is really creamy and moisturising, but that also comes with the drawback in that it isn't particularly long-wearing. I personally wouldn't have chosen this colour myself, but I'd be intrigued to check out the rest of their range!

4. COSMETICS A LA CARTE Brow Ink (full sized): Carmine sent me a quick survey on the colour of my brows a few weeks ago so that they could personalise this product just for me. This 'felt-tip' like pen is able to add soft definition to your brows by allowing you to draw on individual hairs, adding texture and thus making brows look more natural than if you were to use a standard pencil liner or shadow. This was the product I was most pleased with :)

5. DAINTY DOLL Eyeliner Pencil (full sized): This teal eyeliner in 004 'Shake your tail feather' from Nicola Roberts was a big disappointment. The colour is gorgeous, but its very dry and hard to work with. After being spoiled, I guess, by the Urban Decay 24/7 liners for so long, this is just so unpleasant to use.

So did I still get extreme value for money with this box? COMPLETELY. And was I happy with what I received? DEFINITELY. Just because all of the products weren't exactly what I would normally go out and buy for myself doesn't mean I was displeased by this box. I would still thoroughly recommend checking Carmine out, and signing up to try out products that just may pleasantly surprise you!

Mega Love xx

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