Best hair tool EVER

MY HAIR: If I leave my hair to dry naturally, it has a nice wavy texture - nicer still if I sleep on it wet. However, as I shower in the mornings, that's just not possible. If its the summertime and warm out, I'll wash my hair and just let it air dry down or up in a bun, but in the Winter time, when I cannot possibly subject myself to the near-death feeling of leaving the house early in the morning with wet hair, I blow dry it.

The blow drying process leaves it more on the straight side, with a few not-so-pretty kinks. I've tried the whole 'curl your hair with straighteners' thing, but just found it a bit rubbish and time-consuming if I'm honest. SO in walks the Babyliss Waving Wand! I had heard quite a bit about this clamp-free waving tool, but didn't want to spend the money if it wasn't any good. HOWEVER, I popped into my local Boots the other day and found it to have £10 off! The offer is on for a while, with the product for sale at just £20!

USE: The next morning I pulled it out the box, had a quick look over the instructions, as you do, and got rolling! Heat protectant already applied, glove on one hand and the tool in the other (obviously the glove is there for the hand that is doing the wrapping of hair around the wand, thus preventing burnt fingers!) All in all it took me about 10 minutes to get my hair curled and glorious! Pretty fantastic if you ask me!

The smaller the section of hair you use, the tighter the curls are going to look. If you're in a real rush, take big sections of hair and wrap them around for a lightly waved effect, or if you're going for a bit more of a glam look, take 1-2inch sections and then comb them out with your fingers when you're all done, finishing off with some hair spray.

STATS: The wand is oval-shaped and about 1inch wide. There is an on/off button and heat settings: 155 degrees celsius, 170, 185, and 200. I have mine on 185. Very importantly, the part where the cord attaches to the wand rotates as you turn it around during styling, so as not to cause kinks and breakage of the wire!

SUMMARY: 100% in love. You need this in your life if you like curls and waves!

Mega Love xx


  1. Beautiful pics!!!i'm following you!!!if you like mine, do the same!!

  2. Love this hair style!


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