Looking for a good eye SPF?

I've got you covered! I was thinking pretty recently about the importance of protecting the eye area when you're whipping out your daily sunscreen and it occurred to me that aside from my sunglasses, I didn't have anything to really do the job! I don't particularly want to put my face SPF's around my eye in case of stinging/greasiness/puffiness, but I want SOMETHING to protect me if I don't want my sunglasses on. In walks an absolute babe of a solution:

At about £2.50 from Boots (and currently on offer for 2 for £4) you cannot turn away from this beaut. If you don't have any particular issues with your eye area and just want daily protection, this is a must. It isn't particularly hydrating and I can't see it doing a whole lot if you're looking for visible changes or miracles, but it will protect you from UV rays...and to me that's the best thing you could do to for any aging qualms! Perfect for young skin, easy on the wallet and easily accessible. This is one of my best finds for a long time.

Anyone got any other eye creams with an SPF that they adore? I'd love to know!

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