Guerlain Insolence

I've been searching for a new fragrance for a while; one that feels very 'me' and lasts well on my skin. I only own a few perfumes: something light and citrusy, dark and spicy and something feminine for everyday wear. For the past couple years, Jennifer Aniston's scent has been my pick. It is a gorgeous amber/sandalwood scent that is very mellow and easy to wear. Basically, Jennifer in a nutshell I should imagine. The only problem with that one though is that it only lasts a couple hours on the skin before I have to top-up. I always have it in my Travalo, but its still a pain and the end result is going through a bottle rather quickly.

The search for an everyday replacement (whilst Jen will always remain in my collection) has been exhausting. It just felt like an endless stream of average scents that may have been 'nice', but definitely didn't jump out at me. That was until Guerlain Insolence appeared on my radar.
At first whiff it just screamed parma violets (which, for those of you who aren't British, are old school violet flavoured sweets here). Now, I've never been a parma violet fan, but this just smelled DIVINE and I fell in love instantly. The blend of violet, sandalwood and tonka bean all melt together to produce a warm, slightly fruity and very feminine scent on the skin. The smell, to me, is alluring, sensuous and absolutely inviting.

I got mine in Boots when there was an offer on the 30ml bottle down from £41 to about £26. £41 for 30ml is super steep, and I am hoping that by the time this one runs out that there will be an offer on elsewhere for roughly the same price. The quality, however, is exceptional; I sprayed this on today at about's now 3pm and it is going strong!

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