Save The Hands!

If you suffer from dry hands and cuticles, I may just have the solution for you :)!
A while ago I was perusing the Burt's Bees range in my local Boots and noticed their Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream in a cute little 15g tin. This stuff smells super fresh and lemony and works wonders at moisurising my cuticles. I massage it into my nail beds most nights and also after I have removed nail polish. It is enriched with sweet almond oil, beeswax and lemon oil amongst many other nourishing ingredients, 100% of which are natural - works a treat!
Next up is my nightime moisturiser. This Beeswax & Banana rich hand cream is super thick and creamy and does wonders at providing moisture to my poor, dry hands. It is very thick and greasy, so I tend to reserve this for night, but if I do use it in the day I try to avoid getting it onto my palms. The scent is really bizarre...there is definitely lots of banana in there, but this is combined with a tad of rosemary and something that smells a bit like rye bread haha! I am used to it now and it makes me feel sleepy whenever I smell it. Pavlov's dog or what?!


  1. oh my gosh I'm actually addicted to the smell of the lemon butter cuticle cream. Sometimes I want to use it as a lip balm, although I'm not sure if that would be a good idea? x misstea & co.

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  3. hi dear, I just followed. follow back?


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