LUSH review: Soak and Float

I have to talk about this solid shampoo bar from LUSH. Soak and Float aims to combat sore, itchy and flaky scalps suffering from dandruff and psoriasis. Containing cade oil (similar to coal tar for you fellow psoriasis sufferers) and lavendar, this soothes the scalp and calms down redness and itching.

I have suffered from psoriasis on the scalp since I was a little kid. This hereditary skin condition leads to skin cells multiplying at a super-rapid rate, so the tell-tale flaking is your skin trying to shed itself as fast as it can, but not being able to do so quick enough! The result is itching..which can lead to tender exposed skin and sometimes even bleeding (if you do what I used to do and scratch in your sleep!). For an informative video, check this out.

Doctors will recommend shampoos containing coal tar, but often these little concoctions contain a plethora of nasty chemical additives. It was my mission to find something that would do the trick without exposing my sensitive and exposed scalp to lots of nasties!

I have been a LUSH junkie for years and use everything from their soaps to skincare. I was moaning to one of the sales assistants in my local store about my problem scalp (especially in the Winter.. for those of you who don't know, the sun works WONDERS for psoriasis. Oh how I long to live in a hot place again!) and she recommended me this shampoo. Now, I must warn you, the scent is rather overwhelming. It smells exactly like a bonfire, which i personally love. However, I am sure many wont like the idea of their hair smelling like a burning pile of wood! Hahaha :). I will say, once I've rinsed it out and used my conditioner, there is no lingering smell.

TO USE: wet hair thoroughly then rub this bar around your head to create a good lather. I let some of the shampoo drip into and behind my ears where I also suffer from psoriasis. Leave it on while I get on with washing my body etc then rinse it off after a few minutes. Voila!

I hope this helps! Happy scalps for everyone :)x


  1. interesting, I think the condition of my scalp is okay, but this seems like an interesting product for those that needs it!

  2. What a wonderful product. Thank you so much for this post. I will have to try it soon! Flawless blog love!

  3. Looks great! Thanks for sharing with us! <3

  4. Thanks for sharing. I know Lush has another solid shampoo (it's a white one, forgot the name) that is supposed to work great for dandruff, but it smells horrible, like diesel fuel or something. I think I could deal w/ the burnt wood, if it really works.


  5. My sister likes this shampoo too.:D

    ***** Marie *****


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