The Infamous Issue: Animal Testing

Every girl has got to have her mascara or lipstick or foundation, but I think many of us forget that there is an ugly side to all that appears to be 'beautiful'. LUSH fans will likely know about their latest campaign for fighting animal testing. They decided to go all out with a brutal display of what it is like for animal subjects by creating a reenactment on a young woman in their Regent St shop window that has passers-by stunned! I think there is still a lot of dispute over animal testing for medical purposes and my honest opinion is that I remain undecided on that note, but as for cosmetics (a luxury that very many men and women on the planet cannot afford to enjoy), animal testing is obscene and should absolutely be brought to an end.

Head over to and sign the petition if you would like to have your voice heard to let legislators know that you disagree with it and believe it must be brought to an end. Supporting LUSH is also great; they are a fantastic cosmetics company for raising awareness of many important environmental and humanitarian issues around the world.

I pledge to take special care to absolutely ensure no future cosmetic purchases have been tested on animals, and I hope you can join me! Check this out to snoop on the good and bad companies.

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