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I love lip products, but I'm very picky about what I use. I stay away from products which are drying, sticky, slippery or rediculously overpriced. I have a lot of lipsticks and balms, but very few glosses... just my preference. Of course I tend to gravitate towards particular colour themes at different times of the year etc. but these are 7 staples in my collection that I wear all year long and never get sick of. That being said, I highly recommend them to you! :)

1. Hazard (Topshop) £8
Long-lasting, true blood red, satin finish, fades gradually and evenly. Wear is about 5 hours I'd say, depending on what you are doing!

2. Impassioned - Amplify Finish (MAC) £13.50:
Warm hot pink, definitely more orange/coral in there than blue undertones. Great for a statement lip that isn't red. Really comfortable to wear, lasts about 4 hours I would say, again depending.

3. Hue - Glaze (MAC):
First ever MAC lipstick. Glaze lipsticks are semi-sheer and very moisturising. This is the perfect nude for me, as anything too beige or pale makes me look like a corpse :-/. This makes the lips appear very full, has just a bit of a hint of pink to it to warm up the face. Many, many people love this lipstick..I can see why. Wear is 3 hours or so.

4. Hibiscus [Ltd Edition] - Cremesheen (MAC):
This came out with the Surf Baby collection this Summer, and I have worn it SO many times. It is an orangey-coral that hints at a red lip. As the finish 'cremesheen' suggests, it is very moisturising, feels like a lip balm when worn. Wear isn't as long though, maybe 3-4 hours. SO GORGEOUS!

5. Angel Delight Cream Puff Moisturising Lip Cream (Collection 2000) £2.99:
This is by far the most unique lip product I have ever tried. It looks like a gloss in the tube, goes on like you are wiping a cotton pad over your lip, and dries to a satin/velvety lipstick! When you rub your lips together it feels a tad velvety..very pleasant :). I absolutely LOVE this is a great mid-tone nude and I wear it most days. OH! And they smell like Angel Food Cake - to. die. for. Lisa Eldridge highly recommends these, and at £2.99 they are a steal.

6. Scandal Pout Polish SPF 15 (Sleek Makeup) £4:
I believe this came out with Sleek's Valentines Day collection earlier this year. I had never tried the pout polishes, but decided to give this one a try. It is a great true red, with blue undertones -  looks AMAZING on cool and neutral skin. It is basically a tinted lipbalm, but honestly these give the same pigmentation of colour as a glossy lipstick. The bright colours in particular would be a great option for those who aren't quite ready to take on a lipstick, but want a hint of that bright lip. Wear is a good few hours, and they taste and smell of vanilla or cakey-goodness, and they fade evenly.

7. Lip Venom (DuWop) £15:
I remember popping into a Sephora about 7 years ago to pick up some of this stuff as it was ALL THE RAGE. My friend and I got home and tried it, and were super intrigued and excited by the slightly painful tingling sensation it brought to the lips. This is the original lip-plumping gloss. Slightly sticky, smells like spicy cinnamon and ginger, and definitely a winner in my books. Ingredients in the gloss cause a slight irritation to the lips (non-harmful!) which increases blood flow to the area. The result is bee-stung looking, fuller, pinker lips. Nifty and quite fun :). I must add, planting a kiss your other half with this stuff definitely adds the element of surprise ha!

L-R: Hazard, Impassioned, Hue
 L-R: Hibiscus, Angel Delight, Scandal (No swatch of Lip Venom as it is pretty clear!)

Mega Love xx


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