Beautiful Cornwall

I headed to St. Ives with the boyfriend and his family for a few days to check out the sites. Being the foodie I am, the fresh Cornish seafood and ice cream (pistachio, my favourite!) on offer were perhaps the greatest highlights! Haha...

St. Ives is a beautiful seaside town, and we had a lovely time checking out the cute little shops and paddling in the freezing English sea.

We also headed to St. Michael's Mount on the south coast. I visited Mont. St. Michel a few years ago and was curious to see how this 'daughter foundation' (or English extension) compared. The weather was the same for both visits (drizzly and cloudy), but Mont. St. Michel had a much greater presence about it. After all, it is much larger and more atmospheric. That being said, St. Michael's Mount was still a beautiful place to visit, and the wade back from the island to the mainland at low tide was definitely a fun little trek! The grounds are incredible, and on a clear day, the view from the top must be stunning.
Mega Love xx


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