My Skincare Routine!

Hello! Thank you to those that wished me well in my recovery, I am definitely on my way back to a normal self :D. I thought I would post some skincare recommendations based on my routine, and what has worked for me.

To begin, I have normal-dry skin. It is hard to put anyone's skin into any one category, because our skin varies throughout the seasons and throughout the month, but this is a rough idea. I used to have very oily skin, but took Accutane to cure my acne about 3 years ago, and ever since then my skin has been on the dry side. So this is what I use to keep my skin healthy and glowy, even throughout the winter! You will notice a lot of LUSH products. I don't think enough people look into and try out LUSH skincare products, but they truly are amazing value for money.

Angels on Bare Skin (LUSH) £5.95:

I would describe the consistency as a scrubby putty, with lavender and rose chunks in it - ha! In case you're not familiar with LUSH, every product has a sticker posted on the packaging with an expiry date on it. The length for this cleanser is roughly 3 months - the exact length of time it takes me to use a pot up. I use this at night to exfoliate. It is very gentle, and recommended especially if you have sensitive skin. 

Daily Care Face Wash (Organic Surge) £4.99:
Organic Surge is a great line! Pure skincare, great price. The full range used to be sold in Boots, though I can never seem to find them these days and have to order direct off their website. I use this in the morning to rid my skin of any oils that may have set in overnight, and it leaves my skin clean but not tight. 

Breath of Fresh Air (LUSH) £3.75/100g:
Amazing toner! I spray a couple spritzes onto my face after I cleanse either morning or night and gently pat into the skin. You can also use on a cotton pad to remove excess make-up if you like. It instantly refreshes and reduces redness, and smells DIVINE - like you are at the beach :). Lasts just over a year before expiry.

Natural Repair Face Cream (Oilatum) £7.65:
Now, I change up my moisturisers depending on if I need SPF, what my mood is etc, but this one is always a staple. It gives me long-lasting moisture that I desperately need when my skin is dehydrated and lacking juice! Natural ingredients, great price, very uninvasive and great for dry and sensitive skin types. 

Celestial (LUSH) £11.50: 

This is also advertised for sensitive skin, with soothing vanilla and almond milk it smells incredible and provides beautiful moisture for the skin, helping to rid any irritation. It isn't very thick, so would work for any skin type I think, as long as you aren't either extremely oily or dry. Expiry is 12-15 months after purchase.

Vita-Zing (Origins) £25:
Now, this little beastie is rather on the pricey side as far as moisturisers go, like all Origins products, BUT I heard an unbelievable amount of hype about this product so gave in around February and got one. Boy am I not disappointed! The product comes out a greyish-white colour, and once in contact with the skin changes to your skintone to even out the skin and provide a light coverage. I would say it is similar to a tinted moisturiser, but perhaps with a little less coverage? I don't know.. its a unique product, and really makes my skin look dewy and healthy. I am lucky in that my skin is pretty clear and even, so I don't really need foundation, but when I just want a little evening and sun protection then this is a great option. 

To remove make-up at night, I usually use Simple Face Wipes. When I want a treat, I usually go for a LUSH face mask or one from Montagne-Jeunesse. DID YOU KNOW: If you save 5 black pots when you have used up the LUSH product inside, you can take them into store and get a free face mask!
Let me know what you use! And if you have any recommendations :D.

Mega Love xx 

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