The BEST lipsticks EVER!

I'm a huge lipstick lover and wearer, and I really love playing up my lips with statement reds, hot pinks and plum/berry tones. Autumn is on its way, and I've been searching for a new red lipstick. My go to for a traditional vampy red was MAC brick lipliner and/or No7 Cherry lipstick. But, I got SO SICK of that line that would appear on the inner lip after a few hours of wear, where product seemed to build up (very unflattering indeed =/). So on my little scavenge around Topshop a couple days ago, I thought I'd stop by the make-up stand and check out their range. There has been a lot of hype and recommendation of Topshop lipsticks in the beauty community on Youtube, so I figured I'd just jump in with both feet and try them.

I opted for Hazard, the perfect vampy red, and Show Off, a great everyday natural pink.

OK guys, I am not kidding when I say that the formulation of these is amazing. They are rich and creamy and moisturising. Show Off is a slightly different formulation to Hazard, described as a 'Velvet Finish Moisturising Lipstick' and is a bit more glossy and less long-lasting. But it feels like you're wearing lip balm, and is such an easy colour to wear. Hazard is incredible. I put it on at 9am this morning, by 2pm I had eaten and been talking a lot and going about my usual day at work, and it looked almost as good as when I had put in on 5 hours before!! It is long-wearing but NOT drying, and doesn't build up on the inner part of the lip and form that gross looking line that many lipsticks leave (at least on me!)

At £8 each they are a great deal. I would say that Show Off is an amazing colour for blondes, and Hazard is a great vampy, classic red for anyone! Topshop, you have indeed made mama proud. Go! Run! Grab one now! =D

Mega Love xx


  1. I'm pretty impression with Topshop makeup too :) also, your eyes are amazing!

  2. wow these lipsticks are lovely colours, and topshop too? wow didnt expect them to be good, but I will take your word for it!
    may purchase the Show off one, as im not so brave to pull off the Red haha.
    Thanks for the review!

    The Trend Palette

  3. wow, looks fab on your lips.must try definitely! hugs xxx

  4. Love those lipsticks- beautiful colors!


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