You create your own reality.

I wanted to write about something that has become very important to me in my life over the past year or so. Or rather, something I've become AWARE of in the past year (it's always been present). And that is the idea that I and I alone create my own reality. Let me elaborate...

Look around at your life: the people in it, the house you live in, the job you have, your finances and all the rest. They are the way they are (aside from unfortunate circumstances, of course) because you manifested them that way. Now, this whole issue of manifestation is a wee bit controversial, to say the least, but if you're a believer or want to know more - read on.

A few years ago I heard about a book called The Secret. I'm sure many of you have heard of it too... the idea running through it being that like attracts like and positive thinking, in particular thinking as if you already have all the things that you long for, will attract them into your life. The concept, I agree with; the book, I didn't like. But that's personal preference. So I just sort of forgot about it until about a year ago.

About a year ago I was going through a terrible break up, left broke and moved into a random shared house just wanting to start fresh. I met an incredible woman that deeply inspired me and was very spiritual. I wasn't particularly spiritual myself, but had an open mind and was eager to learn from her. She's twice my age and has lived an incredible life. She lent me two fantastic books, Write it Down, Make it Happen and Anatomy of the Spirit; the first being a light and easy read and the second a much more in-depth and medical-style prose. However, I persevered and learned RIDICULOUS amounts in those few months in that house. And I started thinking about what I wanted in my life and actually telling myself that I already had them...

Before I knew it, I had met an amazing group of like-minded friends, a wonderful boyfriend who is very spiritual himself and lent me his favourite read, The Celestine Prophecy and was jetting to The States to have the summer of my life - get this - with one of my other housemates who happened to be American! Things just started happening... it was incredible.

Fast forward to now; I got back from America about a month ago and knew the job that I wanted and projected to the universe how grateful I was to have found it. Guess what? Two weeks later I got invited to the interview and the following day given the job. Even weirder, the one person I know in the city and will be staying with I'm moving to lives down the road from my workplace.

Two books that I've ADORED over the past month have been Barefoot Doctor's Manifesto & Liberation. I thoroughly recommend giving them a read. I ordered my copies off Amazon for about £1.50 each - bargain! Manifesto is, would you believe, about the idea of manifestation and Liberation is about setting yourself free of all the barriers we place on ourselves every day.

So my tip for you: firstly, accept that your life is the way it is because YOU wanted it that way (even if that seems wrong; we often don't allow ourselves the things we truly want believe it or not!). Secondly, understand that you can have all the things that you truly want; all it takes it really believing that!

A bit of a different post, but one that I hope can help at least one person. Please let me know your thoughts!

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