The Body Shop Things...

I decided to take advantage of the recent 50% off sale on the website by purchasing three favourites and a newbie.
The Coconut Body Butter is a long-time favourite. I have to check the ingredients of each one I am interested in as unfortunately quite a few contain parabens (preservatives that I try to avoid). This one however is packed full of great stuff, smells absolutely divine and moisturises beautifully. The Shea Butter one is my other favourite.

The two lip butters featured there are in coconut (surprise, surprise) and shea. These are my nighttime saviours. I tend to get horribly chapped lips in the winter, but slathering these on before bed really does the trick. One pot lasts me about a year, so they are well worth it!

The newbie is the perfume oil in Madagascan Vanilla Flower. I adore vanilla scents and thought I'd give this a try. I really adore the satsuma and coconut perfume oils, so figured hey, why not?! It is vanilla and floral (as to be expected I suppose) and I am most impressed.

Did any of you take advantage of the sale? What are your favourite Body Shop bits?

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