Review: Sleek MakeUP ONE Finishing Powder

Sleek MakeUP are a brand that I have had a pretty good run with for the most part. I think they offer great products for a high street brand and offer a good range of colour choices. The eyeshadows I must admit are too powdery for my liking, but some of the others I adore in my makeup collection.

The ONE Finishing powder is a water-based powder milled to an extremely fine consistency. It claims to absorb oil leaving a sheer finish on the skin and never looking cakey. There is only one universal shade available which I can see working for all but perhaps the very dark-skinned. It contains antioxidants and botanical extracts (whatever type of plant those may be) to produce a gentle cooling sensation when applied. I really enjoy using this with a small powder brush. The texture really is incredibly fine and the finish is JUST-mattified, never dulling. The skin still appears radiant somehow, which is exactly what I love in a powder. Once applied my make-up stays set all day (not that I am oily though, so I cannot speak for you guys out there, sorry :(!)
At £7.49 the price is very reasonable and I think you must give this is a try if you are searching for a new powder! Can be found here.

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