Review: Origins GinZing Mascara

I was blessed with many things in life, but long, luscious eyelashes were definitely not one of them! And thus I think mascara makes probably the biggest difference to my face (that and filling in my ridiculously uneven eyebrows which you will see below in their naked state haha!!)

Having been a huge fan of Origins for a long time and a user of their GinZing brightening eye cream, I was so excited to give their new GinZing brightening mascara a test drive! It gives 100% lift and volume to the lashes, two coats can be applied with 0% clumping and included are nourishing ingredients: Panax Ginseng to strengthen lashes, eye brightening pearl complex to make the whites of the eyes appear whiter, and carnauba wax to condition.

I honestly can vouch that this mascara is incredible. The wand is HUGE and as a small lash girl, I tend to stick to little rubber wands for fear of blobbing. However, with a little practice you can really work this into the lashes and build up some serious length and volume.

At £17 the mascara is pretty reasonably priced for a high-end brand. And at the moment you can receive a free 5ml sample of their best-selling GinZing eye cream with a mascara purchase! Head to your nearest store and take a look for yourself!


  1. Great photos. You can really see how well this mascara works!

  2. You have officially sold this mascara to me. I have heard great things about it and thought I may pick it up but your lashes look incredible that I now must rush and get this on pay day. ;) Just found your blog, its great. x

    1. Ohhh I'm so glad to hear it :D! You wont be disappointed my love. Let me know how you get on with it :)x


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