Six Empties

I think it is pretty safe to say that by the end of a tube/pot/packet, you have had enough time to really try out a product and experience it's good and bad qualities.
1. Jason Jojoba Conditioner - I bought this when it was on sale in a local health food store for about £3.50. It is a natural haircare product without any nasty artificial preservatives that aims to make long hair healthy and strong. It smells great and really conditions well. Would I recommend it over everything else in the world? No, probably not, but it contains great ingredients and does the job for a brilliant price (RRP £6.99).

2. Dermapeutics Sonoma Naturals Avocado Skin Perfecting Serum - This I picked up about 6-8 months ago for about £10 in TK Maxx and it has been amazing for hydrating my skin. I apply it before moisturiser in the morning. The little pipette top is hygenic and great for economical dispensing - about 3 drops massaged into the face and neck does the trick nicely.

3. TIGI Love Peace & the Planet 'Let it Be' Leave in Conditioner - I bought this over a year ago and found it to just be wayyyy to sticky and heavy for a leave-in conditioner. After 6 months or so it turned into this horrible gloopy texture that left my hair looking greasy. Wouldn't recommend, though I love the rest of the range!

4. Oilatum - This was my 4th tube. Amazing stuff, thick and deeply penetrating for dry and dehydrated skin, and contains only natural ingredients. At about £7 a tube in Boots you just can't go wrong. This is my moisturiser of choice for both morning and night.

5. LUSH Breath of Fresh Air Toner - I was really just trying to use this stuff up because it contains parabens (not my thing anymore) so I wont be re-purchasing. This is unfortunate considering the smell of this stuff is literally feel like you are at the seaside! I spritzed onto my face after cleansing morning and evening and patted it into the skin. If you're not bothered about parabens then definitely worth a try!

6. Simple Cleansing Wipes - Again, was trying to use up because of the parabens...but these are great at removing the bulk of make-up before proper cleansing in the evening. They are about £3 for a pack and I tend to rip each one in 2, thus making the pack last twice as long! The scent is very uninvasive and they are really gentle on the skin - great if you are sensitive and prone to irritation.


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