MAC: NEW Summer Brights!

I adore bright lipstick anytime of the year, but for summer especially I think a bright pink, red, or coral is effortlessly glamorous. I popped in to my local MAC store to 'Back-to-Mac' some empties. The newish 'Reel Sexy' and brand new summer 'Hey Sailor!' collections were in and fully stocked, so I decided to pick up 2 stunning lipsticks - my favourites for a long time.

Watch Me Simmer (Reel Sexy) is a bright coral pink in an Amplified finish. Super-pigmented, bright and rich on the lips, this colour is unlike anything I have in my collection and I cannot wait to wear it!

Sail La Vie (Hey, Sailor!) is a Satin version of Lady Danger. I adore any kind of bright orange/red and this I will be wearing all Summer long. I do own Lady Danger, but don't always want to wear such a Matte formula; this allows me the same amazing pigmentation but with a nicer formula on the lips.

Below I have provided swatches with the closest MAC comparison I have for each :)

(L-R: Lady Danger, Sail La Vie, Watch Me Simmer, Impassioned)


  1. Great choices! I love the look of Lady Danger. And you gotta love Back to Mac, right?

  2. love the packaging of these, and those coral red are just so pretty!

  3. these colors are GORGEOUS. i need all of them! new follower, can't wait to catch up on your posts :)

  4. The packaging reminds me of
    sailors :P very cute! Also
    a very nice red color!


  5. Oooo I love the pink shades!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing!

    xo Rachel

  6. Love the colors!! I love "collecting" make-up. I don't even use all of it nor wear a lot of it. What can I say? I like color!

  7. Love bright lipstick shades, those colors are so pretty!


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