Beauty Bargain: Badger Organic/Natural Sunscreen

I am a huge TK Maxx fan for the clothes, shoes, candles, homeware and occasionally beauty products. You have to do some serious sorting through to find what you want and double check that it is unopened, but bargains are definitely there to be scooped up!

I was quickly nosing through and noticed this Badger SPF30+ Sunscreen. I have been searching for a natural sunscreen for a while and actually made it a bit of a mission to find one that day so when I saw this I knew it was meant to be. RRP is £16.99 I believe, which is quite a lot for only 87ml/2.9 fl oz but I paid just £4.99!

The tube claimed that the product is lightly scented with lavender, which I didn't mind. However, when I opened it up it smells of sea buckthorn (which I adore and personally prefer to lavender!) *heaven

The tube is perfect for carrying around in your bag, and is exactly the size I wanted for topping up sunscreen on the back of my hands, neck and chest throughout the day. The active ingredient is non-nano uncoated zinc oxide (18.75%) as well as the ingredients in the photograph below. Divine stuff, I highly recommend!


  1. Seems delicious, cute tube too!

    Xo Jules


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