Petal Pink

Ok, I think I have a new-found love of maxi-skirts! I have really long legs in proportion to my upper body, so have always tended to shy away from these babies, but I don't know, this one from New Look was too pretty not to work with!

 Mega Love xx


  1. Absolutely love the maxi :) great colour.

    could you check out my blog?
    am new to this :)


  2. I am absolutely in love with that skirt! it's the perfect rosy pink colour..and you look gorgeous in it! you have such lovely hair too, by the way :) keep up the lovely posts!

    xoxo, Ally

  3. Pretty skirt!

  4. You should definitely not shy away from maxi skirts, they look great on you! I also love the dusty rose color of yours. Want to follow each other? xx Sylvie


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