February Carmine Beauty Box!

Yet to be disappointed :-)!
This month's box boasts 6 beautiful goodies to make you feel divine. (Normally Carmine dishes out 5 items, but this is the second time subscribers have received a bonus item. If that's not exceeding your expectations, I don't know what is!)
1. ANDREA FULERTON Nail Polish in 'Matthew': This full size polish is an amazing nude! It has a pinky-beige base with a gorgeous duochrome of teal-pink shimmer shot through. I can't imagine anyone this wouldn't look good on, and the picture does NOT do it justice!
2. BALANCE ME Rose Otto Body Wash: Full size 125ml; I believe this is the third Balance Me product I have received from Carmine now - not that I am at all complaining! This smells like a mix of rose and citrus, boosting bergamot, ylang ylang and clary sage. It is free of parabens, sulphates, petroleum, mineral oil, silicones, dea, pegs, propylene glycol and any artificial colours and fragrances - WOW!
3. WHITE GLO Extra Strength Whitening Toothpaste: 25g; This is an interesting little addition to any beauty box. After all, a good smile will get you very far in life! This product 'originally formulated for film actors and models' claims to be low abrasive so as not to weaken teeth, whilst still being highly effective at whitening.
4. STEAM CREAM: Full size 75g; This apparantly is the latest concept in skincare: a lightweight, all-in-one moistuiser for anywhere on the body including the face. The tin is a gorgeous Japanese design that I will definitely find a good use for after the product is no more!
5. DIEGO DALLA PALMA The Lipstick: This sample size lipstick came in the shade 42 for me - a pinky bronze swatched below. The finish is quite frosted, which isn't my personal taste, but the formulation is creamy and divine.
6. YARDLEY LONDON Peony Fragrance: This sample size floral dream of an eau de toilette smells absolutely incredibly, so much so that I am seriously considering getting the full size! Spring in a bottle for sure.

If you're keen on joining the club: Carmine

Mega Love xx

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