Urban Jungle

I live in the city, and I whilst I do love it, my heart lies in the desert. This was my way of bringing a little bit of the desert to my city vanity.

Working in a lab, we had some plastic bottles that were surplus to requirements, so I instantly thought YES - tiny flower pots in the making! You can do this out of any old milk or juice bottle! All you'll need is the following:

1. Bottles/Cartons for cutting
2. A sharp Stanley knife
3. Some soil/compost
4. Plants of your choice
5. Tray to keep things tidy (if these will be inside)

Get creative! I'd love to see your photos of your urban jungle! Together we can create more inner city green space. Share this with your friends and family!

All My Love!

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  1. Thats cute! You could even use nail polish to paint a fun design on them as well...great idea!
    Hot Pink Day
    Libi & Lola


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