Stuck in a moment

Stuck in a moment....
Now, this could be a good thing, or a bad thing. If you're at a good point in your life, you will want it to last forever, but if you're going through what I refer to as a stressful 'trial period' then you'll quickly be wishing it on its way out the door!

I'm in my third year of uni, doing a marine biology degree that at times makes me want to curl in a ball and never get up again. First year, I took myself way too seriously and didn't allow much time for fun. Result: I did really well, but didn't make many memories or friends. Second year rolls along, I made a million and one friends, let my hair down and partied. Result: Didn't do my personal best (still did well though), but made too many memories to even begin to count. Also, found the love of my life :).

Year two merged into three, with dissertation work over the summer and I felt like I just haven't had a break. I work my booty off, and still feel like I'm falling further down the 'work' spiral. If the jump from year one to two is a kick up the bum, year two to three is a catapult into space. NO JOKE. [I always used to think third years made it sound so dramatic, and thought they were feeling a tad sorry for themselves, but no... they weren't lying!]

HOWEVER, in my moment of lounging on my bed, part-working, part-feeling sorry for myself, part-online shopping, part-email replying, I had an epiphany! Life is a serious of ups and downs. The easier, fun times WILL come back again, but til then its a case of work hard, play harder! I would like to share with any of you uni-goers my tips for getting things on track. AKA the path to success!

1. DO NOT WORK ON YOUR BED: If you're in halls or a student house, you almost definitely have a desk. It may be covered by junk, but move them and get your butt infront of it! This is crucial if you want to train yourself to associate desk: work and bed: relax

2. DON'T SPEND WORK TIME BEING HALF-ARSED: If you have set aside time to work, actually do it. Don't type a little, then check facebook, then type some more, look at! you need to set aside a few hours to get your head in there and work hard, then eventually when the time is up, say to yourself 'I'm done, I will now do as I please'.

3. IF IT IS RELAXATION TIME, ACTUALLY RELAX: What I mean is, if it's a night out, or a coffee meet-up with friends, try your best not to moan about how stressed you are with work or how you feel it is never going to end. Talk about other hobbies or interests that you may have forgotten about! Also, don't worry about work, or make 'to do' lists when you should be having chillax time

4. MAKE TIME FOR SOMETHING YOU LOVE: It may feel like you never have any time for anything, but it is important to find a hobby that you love, and make time for it. I love exercise - I think its the best way to destress and feel good about yourself, so I've just joined a gym with my friend to keep up with the jogging etc. when it is cold and rainy this winter. (Student gym fees are often verrrrry affordable!). ALSO, I plan on getting back into knitting...I'm feeling some delicious cable jumpers will be cropping up in pictures soon! :)

5. GET ENOUGH SLEEP: Whilst I realise this is a slightly absurd thing to preach to a student, I mean it! Have your night or two out a week (probably more if you're a Fresher), but the rest of the time, get your sleep. Oh, and a good breakfast helps the day run a tad smoother.

I really hope this helps! If you've got any of your tips for a less stressful life, whatever you do whether it be studying, working, or parenting then please comment below!

Mega Love xx


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